COR Sanctions Monitor

Welcome to the Sanctions Monitor website, where COR Financial Group will soon be launching a web version of our enterprise sanctions checking solution, Sanctions Monitor.

What is Sanctions Monitor?

Sanctions Monitor is a sophisticated but easy-to-use sanctions monitoring, auditing and reporting tool, to lessen the risk to company officers of prosecution for sanctions-related offences.
Unlike some sanctions-checking facilities, Sanctions Monitor maintains an extensive audit trail, so you can prove that you have performed the sanctions checks required by your business and geographical domains.

Who needs Sanctions Monitor?

Many different professionals can benefit from Sanctions Monitor when dealing with potentially unknown third parties. For example: Compliance Officers; Purchasing, Shipping, Importers and Exporters; Letter of Credit Department; Accounts/Payment Departments; Bank Tellers.

How do I use Sanctions Monitor?

You can use Sanctions Monitor to perform ad-hoc searches for Entities subject to official sanctions, or to scan an entire data file for possible sanctions violations.
Sanctions Monitor supports all major official sanctions lists (the OFAC SDN List, for example), and the system can be tailored to suit your needs. You can add your own positive and negative lists in order to make your sanctions checking even more efficient.
Sanctions Monitor can be used via any modern web browser on our web site, or the enterprise version can be installed alongside your existing IT infrastructure.

How can I find out more?

Sanctions Monitor is produced by COR Financial Group and more product details are available here.